Volunteers Needed

It’s not everyone who is committed enough to take off time from work, or to use vacation time to help others.  Maybe you can? Below you will find both year-round remote positions, as well as remote and local “boots on the ground” positions, when we are deployed to a specific disaster. Some only require a few hours per month. Many have flexible schedules! If you can volunteer time to help others in need, we definitely need to hear from you. The value of your time is priceless, and there are many who will benefit from it.

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CAC Volunteer Management Portal Advantages

  1. Volunteers can see what positions are open and apply to those they wish to donate their time to
  2. Volunteers can add themselves to backup lists for those positions already filled.
  3. Volunteers can track their hours
  4. Volunteers can manage their own contact details
  5. Volunteers can pass all training and legal sign-offs online.
  6. Administratively, CAC will be able to keep track of who did what and when. This will help us better acknowledge the efforts of volunteers and in form our donors and grantees of our accomplishments.

So…what kind of volunteer positions are there? Some are year-round – some are disaster deployment only (typically 7-14 days)The positions are divided amongst the following teams:

  • Board and Executive Director
  • Communications Team
  • Finance Team
  • Logistics and Deployment Team
  • Tech/IT Team
  • Volunteer Management Team

Here are some examples of positions within CAC that you can apply for:

NOTE: Previously, ‘Safe Haven’ was a “position”. Now it is an option that ANY volunteer can add to their profile! This means, whether you are filling a position or not, you can still offer to host our local volunteers during their deployment.

Board and Executive Director
Board Member
Executive Director

Communications Team
Communications Lead
Graphic Designer
Public Relations
Social Media Associate
Social Media Manager
YouTube and Video Associate

Finance Team
Finance Associate
Finance Lead
Grant Writer

Logistics and Deployment Team
Crisis Coordinator
Intel / Scout
Intel Support
Local Team Lead
Logistic & Deployment Lead
Onsite General Volunteer
Phone Support
Supply Manager
Zello Moderator

Tech/IT Team
Digital Archivist
General Tech Associate
Tech/IT Lead