As a volunteer member of Citizens Assisting Citizens there are certain requirements which you must agree to in order to be a productive volunteer. You will Fill out our Volunteer Application. If you will be deployable, you will also be asked to pass a formal background check, and sign our Liability Waiver. You will also have to complete basic training requirements. You will be expected to deploy when you volunteer to deploy. All volunteers, even non-deployable ones will be expected to abide by our CODE OF CONDUCT.


1. Each member shall abide by all Local, State and Federal laws.

2. No member shall consume or be under the influence of any mind altering substance while, deployed with CAC, including while en route to and/or from any deployment.

3. Each member will conduct themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner.

4. Each member will follow established CAC procedures and be willing to work/cooperate with others.

5. Each member will exercise discretion in their words and actions, and remain fully responsible for their words and actions.

6. Each member will keep confidential any and all information obtained as a result of their deployment with Citizens Assisting Citizens.

7. Each member will maintain a high level of awareness for their personal safety and for the safety and well-being of others.

8. Each member will exhibit respect for those we assist, fellow team members, fellow relief workers, and the public in general.

9. Each member, at all times, is expected to maintain an attitude of pride in our Organization and represent our Organization in a professional manner to all.