Zello is another popular “walkie-talkie” phone or computer app that allows you to listen or speak with groups of other people. Since 2014, Citizens Assisting Citizens has been using Zello to coordinate relief efforts of both volunteers on the ground and remote volunteer workers.

 Overview of how Zello Works:

Some notes for CAC Volunteers:
Citizens Assisting Citizens has a private working channel for coordinating its volunteers. The following tips will be helpful if you are actively participating with relief efforts.

1. Please practice adjusting volume levels by talking to ‘Echo’ in your Contacts.
2. If you are an active or remote Volunteer, make sure to add the Moderators as Contacts. This will allow Moderators to directly message you, or create a group chat session “on the side” as needed.
3. Sensitive or personal information like phone numbers, address should not be broadcast in public, but can be conveyed to moderators directly if needed.
4. Since transmissions can be shared publicly without your consent, be careful what you say.
5. If a moderator tries to establish contact and you do not answer, you may be bounced from the channel.  A bounce is NOT a block, but repeated bounces may lead to a block. As a working channel, it is not a channel for non-relief chat. It is not AM radio, and is not for entertainment purposes.
6. Try to add a few private Contacts and practice switching back and forth between private and public channel chat. This takes a little practice!

Note: Listening to multiple channels will cause transmissions to be delayed. When you want to speak or participate in a channel, it is generally preferential to only be in only one channel at a time. Otherwise, you might find yourself responding to a transmission that is old and your reply will be out of context.