Imelda Flooding Activation Notice

ACTIVATION ALERT – This is to inform you that we have begun to deploy financial and volunteer resources in response to the flooding from Imelda.

To avoid confusion, here are some terms you are likely to hear from Citizens Assisting Citizens.

Activation = BE READY, BE PREPARED, in case you can help! We are in Activation mode right now. What can yo do?

  1. Sign up as a General Volunteer, then pick specific activities you think you can help with, For example there are several activities that can be done remotely. If you have already have a created a profile in our volunteer portal, you should look through open positions and activities which interest you. Some activities are local on-the-ground, others are remote.
  2. Watch your email inbox and listen for phone calls we might make to you. If you are near the affected area, we’ll want to know if you are OK and see if you need help or can be a helper.
  3. Share any resources on as these are public. They can be accessed and shared by anyone to anyone, whether they are involved with CAC or not.
  4. Follow us on Social Media and Share and like stories which are posted.
  5. Donate.

Deployment = Deployment happens when we know that we:

  • have both human and physical resources, and the
  • safe locations for these resources to be stored and distributed from during our activities – AND
  • identified locations we believe we can safely deliver aid to.

Stand Down = When an Activation or Deployment comes to an end.

Although this Activation Alert is no guarantee that we will be able to deploy, it allows us to begin preparing personnel, finances, intel and physical assets we know we will need.

Thanks for your past and future help – YOU make everything we do possible.


Erin Martin, Executive Director
& The Entire CAC Team