Hurricane Michael – CAC Experimental Maps Catch On

I have been thinking for many years about the importance of geo-spatial asset and threat mapping. Why? Because when there is an emergency, you can’t always count on having local contacts with 1st level knowledge of the situation or geography. When moving people or goods from afar, having some reference points (and their positions relevant to each other), as well as easy contact information, can be potentially life saving. So as a test, while learning about Google Crisis Maps, I stumbled upon Google My Maps, specifically custom Google May Maps. So I create 3 of them as an experiment. I thought maybe a few dozen CAC involved people might view them. I was wrong. The maps got over 150,000 views in less than 3 weeks.

Now I’ll probably never meet any of the people who saw these maps. I really have no idea why they were viewing them. But I’d like to believe that maybe, just maybe, this CAC experiment resulted in some small real-world help to real people. Completely unintentionally. Maybe they were displaced hurricane victims, volunteers/aid groups coming from out of town or out of state to help, or maybe a locals were running from store to store looking supplies or fuel. I’ll never know. But my journey with mapping tech to support Citizens Assisting Citizens is about to get kicked up a notch based on this experiment and a few others.

-Joshua Sloan

Here are the custom maps themselves:

Hurricane Michael Churches

Hurricane Michael Fuel Stations

Hurricane Michael Shopping & Resupply