How Donations are used by CAC

Citizens Assisting Citizens (CAC) is developing quickly into an agile disaster relief team.  How we utilize initial funding is crucial to that goal.  How are donations being allocated?  I’m glad you asked. After vetted volunteers are fully trained and ready to deploy as Scout Anchor vehicles, we will be outfitted with a standard set of supplies.  These supplies will be purchased in advance of a disaster and would be transferable from one volunteer to another ensuring that whoever can respond is 100% stocked.  That list includes the following.

  • 800 Watt whistler inverter. This will provide the electricity for LED lights, charging phones, and other basic needs.
  • 10 power gen 4.2amp 20 watt dual USB chargers. The charging station.  This will be capable of powering 20 or more cell phones at one time.  We will also carry charging cords for most major phone and tablet brands.
  • Other extension cords, reflector lamps, and 9 watt LED light bulbs to round out the lighting and power essentials of those in need.
  • Flashing orange strobe light, 2 magnetic signs for truck sides, green vests, and lanyard identification. All of this will convey our commitment to professionalism and allow both victims and other first responders to quickly recognize our presence.
  • 20ft heavy duty 10,000 lb tow strap.
  • Basic First Aid kit.

2613712777_4158b681d7_oThese items along with a pop-up canopy tent, six foot folding tables, and accompanying chairs, round out the standard set of equipment all Scout Anchor vehicles will be heading into the disaster area with.  (Also included is as much water and food as can fill up the rest of the vehicle – see below for more on that.)  The cost to equip each vehicle in this way is estimated to cost between $800 and $1000.  You can help us right now – just follow this link.

Now we get to the rapid response portion of the organization and its fundraising efforts.  When a disaster strikes and volunteers are officially dispatched, each volunteer will be armed with a debit card that in times of calm will be empty.  When a volunteer confirms they are able to deploy, the Board of Directors are able to load the debit cards with funds to enable volunteers the ability to purchase things like bottled water and deploy quickly.  This system will be utilized for both our front line Scout Anchor volunteers and each of the subsequent Feeder vehicles that will continuously keep the CAC presence supplied.  By tapping into the already existing inventories and logistics of warehouse stores present across the country, we save on storage costs, storage management, and most of all, time.  Our team is nimble and uniquely reactive to the specific needs of any emergency that may arise.

This also means that donations received in reaction to a specific call for help (like a gulf coast hurricane) will be applied to that specific CAC effort, often in less than 24 hrs from when you donate.  Only surplus donations will be set aside for future catastrophes, and only once the CAC response at hand is completed.  While larger non-profits are still trying to organize their relief concerts, your money can be put to use for food, water, and other essentials on the ground helping people in need.

CAC has four goals at heart.  In each tragedy, funds donated will go toward these efforts.

1.  Food.  We are not currently equipped to provide full meals, but snack crackers that will give much needed calories and comfort will be part of the relief effort.

2.  Water.  1 liter bottles and we will keep them coming.

3.  Power.  As mentioned above all Scout Anchor Vehicles will be outfitted with a robust charging system to give victims a lifeline to family and friends.

4.  Basic Sanitation.  Soap, water, wipes, towels and feminine products are just as good for the physical health as it is for the psychological health of victims.

In the future we will look to these four goals and how we can expand them to improve the road to recovery for our fellow neighbors.

8150840939_a91c707d02_oCAC has already established 501 3C non-profit status and is gearing up now.  Of course, as a fledgling organization, we are working with limited funds to become operational.  To help achieve our goals, no board member or regional director receives a salary of any kind.  No one.  We are a 100% volunteer force from the top down.  In an emergency, CAC is preparing to be there in the first hours, not days later, and we need your help.

There is a need now.  There will be a need in the future.  And we are here to grow and make a difference.  Please consider making that difference by volunteering or donating now.

Stay Vigilant