Volunteers Needed!

It’s not everyone who is committed enough to take off time from work, or to use vacation time to help others. Maybe you can? If you can volunteer time to help others in need, we definitely need to hear from you. We want to build a small citizens “Boots on the Ground” brigade of volunteers to help on the scene. Rescue, clean-up, distributing essential supplies, or even rebuilding – the value of your time is priceless, and there are those who can benefit from it.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a CAC Team member. As a team member you will be the face of the entire organization to the people you are helping. You will represent months of preparation by dozens of persons who helped organize the Team. This is why we have set standards that team members must meet. On this site you will find the CAC By-Laws and the Policy Manual which you will need to read and become familiar with. Also, you will have to submit a background check, provided at your own cost, to the Team.The first rule of disaster response is to not bring additional victims to the disaster. The first rule of the CAC Team is to field a professional and trained team who will not expose themselves to injury or liability. In keeping with this we expect our members to have completed certain FEMA Independent study courses along with an Introduction to CERT course before they are to be considered “deployable“. All of these courses are on line and free of charge. Upon completion of the FEMA courses you can have a certificate of completion mailed to us. Completion of the CERT familiarization course does NOT qualify you as a CERT member but it will familiarize you with disaster scene procedures and nomenclature. Upon completion you can print a certificate of completion and forward it to us. As you continue serving the public you may wish to complete various other courses to enable you to work in different fields and to move into positions of more responsibility. Rest assured that each and every Team member involved in organizing CAC has completed at minimum the basic courses, and in most cases many more courses.As a organization comprised entirely of volunteers we do not have the resources to provide any type of insurance for our members. Should you get injured or sick due to your deployment you understand that you alone are responsible for your own care.We also realize that some folks cannot or do not want to deploy. Our Team has administrative positions that do not require deployment. Please check the above 'Deployable' box on this application and let us know what your skill sets and/or interests are. Everyone from accountants to social media coordinators will be an important part of our team.

Please note: Upon submitting this form you understand and agree that this information will be shared with the administrators of CAC teams who will then share the information on an as needed basis. We do not sell your information and your information will only be used for the purpose it was intended for. You will be placed on a mailing list so that we can contact you and keep you up to date, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.