UPDATE: Monday March 23, 2015
As of this date CAC is in NEED OF Regional Coordinators (RCs) For Region 8. We are also looking for back-ups for ALL Regional Coordinators. And even State level liasons/coordinators.

“We need YOUR help! While we might fill RC positions from within our existing supporter base, we are nonetheless keeping open the below Regional Coordinator Application.

We will continue to move forward and challenge ourselves and our communities to rise to the occasion.”

Tom Patterson,
Executive Director
Citizens Assisting Citizens, Inc.

PS – please note..the application process is a a multi-step process and for Regional Coordinators will include a required Criminal Background check.

Can you make the time, and are you capable of leading a group of people? Managing assignments from the Board of Directors? Willing to working in stressful situations? Are you ready to make a real difference in people's lives before during or after an emergency? We want to hear from you! Special skills, training and background check are required. The position of Regional Coordinator maps to corresponding FEMA regions. WE NEED REGIONAL COORDINATORS and Backup Coordinators.

Please submit your application BELOW to be considered as a CAC Team Regional Coordinator Member.

Check 'Yes' if you would consider yourself available for deployment, or 'No' if you can provide non-deployment support.

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Biographical Info:
Please indicate any relevant training, certifications, interests, background or other life situations or information that may help CAC.

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Thanks! Once we have received your application, it will be received and reviewed by a CAC Regional Coordinator.