Before and After Times Get Tough...Citizens Assisting Citizens.

Hurricane Relief Efforts in Texas Underway.

There are several vehicles, and CAC volunteers actively assisting in relief efforts. So far the teams have already delivered many supplies and done roadside assistance. One of the teams is moving even closer to Houston today, other efforts will be to the west and south west of Houston. We will be updating the team’s Facebook page when possible at …

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How Donations are used by CAC

Citizens Assisting Citizens (CAC) is developing quickly into an agile disaster relief team.  How we utilize initial funding is crucial to that goal.  How are donations being allocated?  I’m glad you asked. After vetted volunteers are fully trained and ready to deploy as Scout Anchor vehicles, we will be outfitted with a standard set of supplies.  These supplies will be …

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Emergency Response Training

CAC Disaster Response Training

Signing up to volunteer for Citizens Assisting Citizens (CAC) is an easy decision, even donating is easy. If you have not signed up, please do so HERE. Waiting for your application to be processed is not. This article will guide us through what we can accomplish while we wait. Whether you want to be the first wave of highly trained …

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