Amazon Delivers Relief

In the pursuit of ever more effective methods for getting emergency supplies to those affected by natural disaster, CAC has made several strides in the use of

CAC created and saved several Shopping Lists most of which are supplies we already use in most of the deployments we have done. Why is this important?  What are the advantages?

  • It is now faster and easier to place orders for ANYONE (including CAC) – No more wasting time looking for appropriate items
  • The man hours spent shopping are reduced. This saves fuel as well.
  • Pressure on local supply chain is reduced (let locals buy the local supplies)
  • Cost savings! Emergency Relief Supply Lists

144 (2 basic meals ea.) Emergency Meal Kits:
144 Hygiene Kits:
50 Household Cleaning Kits:
Baby Supplies Reorder List:
Feminine Hygiene Reorder List:
Fuel & Oil Supplies Reorder List:
Hardware & Misc Reorder List:
Laundry Reorder List:
Power & Energy Reorder List:

Of course using an outsourced supplier requires a few things to happen before CAC will choose this option.  For example, we must have:

  1. A secured (from weather and theft) storage location
  2. Local Volunteers to manage inventory
  3. Local Volunteers to aid with distribution
  4. There is time to receive and process shipments

Assuming those criteria are met, importing supplies will make a lot of sense!

Now anyone can create emergency/disaster kits using the same items as CAC. Shoppers can easily ship the selected supplies anywhere they want…to homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, crisis shelters, churches, etc.

What used to take a couple hours or even days should now take 20-30 minutes. Now that’s an efficiency gain. Share these shopping lists with preparedness and charitable organizations or individuals! Try ordering supplies and having a “Kittogether” just to see what it is like to produce these emergency kits.

It’s more fun that you might think and its a skill you can pass along.

BTW- Shoppers who use our AmazonSmiles link will also be helping CAC.  Win. Win.