Meet the Board of Directors

The Citizens Assisting Citizens Board of Directors members are listed below. They are charged with the financial, legal and oversight responsibilities.


Erin Martin

Director – (Board Secretary)

I have more than 30 years of corporate Financial Management experience for companies ranging in revenue from $5M-$500M.  I have worked in the manufacturing, importing, wholesale distribution, truck leasing, not for profit and retail supermarket sectors.

I have a passion for horses, permaculture, self-reliant living and homesteading. CAC’s mission to empower ordinary citizens to assist each other in a time of need resonates with my own personal values and I am looking forward to serving that mission as a member of the CAC Board of Directors.

Jake - photo by Danielle

Jake Robinson


Jake resides in Murfreesboro, TN with his wife, Heather, and has two grown daughters. He worked with mostly middle-income families helping them make good financial decisions in his business. Teaching families to eliminate their debt and acquire the proper income protection and start investing for long term goals, Jake worked with thousands of families to help them become aware of a common-sense approach to managing their finances.

Jake and his wife had the unique opportunity to open their own office in the UK in 2003. In 2007, the financial landscape became tentative and Jake took a buyout and moved his family back to the US. Living in a “womb-to-tomb” nanny state created an awareness of the direction our country was headed. In 2008, after the market crash, Jake determined to learn ways to establish self reliance and move away from system-dependence.

While he was involved in the Tea Party movement and local politics, something was nagging at him to about the nature of politics and the limited access an average person has to influence changes at the national level. Local colleagues of the conservative movement also began trading in their protest signs for learning new skills. Jake participated in monthly skill-building meetups which included canning, square-foot gardening, beekeeping among other things. Jake is now an avid beekeeper, cans and dehydrates foods, herbs as well as food and water storage among many other pursuits. Jake continually enrolls in online and offline courses to learn additional skills. He evolved from container gardening to square-foot gardening to raised-bed and permaculture techniques. Jake Discovered Jack Spirko and The Survival Podcast in 2012 and has become involved with several of Jack’s workshops. This has caused a mental-shift in how to approach life and preserve liberty.

After experiencing the aftermath of an F5 tornado in his town of Murfreesboro and participating in the cleanup he is acutely aware of the impact volunteers can make “on the ground.” He spent a weekend helping hundreds of other neighbors remove downed trees and clear roads. Returning a few days later with his wife and daughter with tools to help clean up debris, he and his family were turned away from the “disaster area” by FEMA once they had setup operations. This frustration at the nature of government vs. individuals for disaster relief has given him a unique perspective for the need of an organization like Citizens Assisting Citizens. He proudly serves on the board and looks forward to helping the organization thrive.


Tom Patterson


Before retiring in 2005 and moving to North Central Arkansas, Tom had over 30 years experience in emergency response working for the Chicago Police Department. For most of his career he was assigned to a city-wide immediate response tactical unit. As he progressed in rank and experience his duties expanded to include developing “in house” and multi-agency response plans for planned and un-planned events, adjusting the response during events and evaluating the response after the event. In the course of his career Tom attended many training seminars and conferences in fields related to emergency response and the logistics involved in response. He was also involved in the development of a peer counseling program for those involved in traumatic incidents.

Tom and his wife were involved in preparing for disasters for a long time. From being the only ones in their neighborhood to have a generator and some food and water “just in case” to having a location for the family to “bug out” to if the need arose.

Tom is widowed and he has two grown children who have families and careers of their own.


Bryan Caldwell


I first became involved with CAC during hurricane Harvey. I drove to TX from TN to be part of the deployment and first worked as a Scout. As the situation progressed I transitioned into supply acquisition and delivery. And still further into the deployment I transitioned into back-end logistics. During this time I realized I enjoyed this position quite a bit and it suited my skillset best. Because of this, during our hurricane Florence deployment, I remained in TN and operated solely in logistics. During this time I reconnected with one of our volunteers from Harvey who had found a wonderful way to help victims of natural disasters and we partnered up and created a business doing just that.

In professional life I’ve been an administrative assistant, IS/IT Support staff, bookkeeper (still own that business) and Starbucks manager.

God designed me to help people and it is an honor and privilege to serve CAC in this capacity as well as with the logistics team.


Christopher Kahler


Chris Kahler was raised in Hattiesburg MS, and grew up spending a lot of time outdoors.

He joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17 and served 4 deployments overseas. He worked as a civilian contractor at Camp Shelby, MS, then joined the US Coast Guard as a mechanic, assigned to crews focused on things from counter narcotics and migrant operations, to search and rescue, fisheries enforcement and aid to navigation. With the Coast Guard, Chris has been involved in numerous search and rescue cases and provided disaster relief for multiple events.

Chris has developed a reputation for being able to use what resources are available to achieve positive outcomes – a skill that is invaluable in disaster relief missions. In addition, he is relentless about developing efficient processes. He has also spent most of his life dedicated to serving others, in both his private life and his career.


Jeff Drake


Long-time Zello user (2012) and member of the Survival Podcast Network channel.  Married, 3 kids (one still at home, the others are currently productive members of society who don’t ask for money~! )  Amateur radio operator (NØTNW), own a GMRS repeater (WQTB464), still talk on CB radio occasionally so I don’t forget my roots!

Police career is winding down in a couple of years, but I’ll still be looking for work because I’m not old enough to retire.  Wife’s name is Christy Drake and very supportive of me joining the Board at CAC, which is really nice.  She is a good cook…..see my photo for confirmation.