Who Are the CAC Leadership Team?

Citizens Assisting Citizens Leadership Team reflects a cross section of tactical and practical philanthropic citizens willing to work together to to achieve the CAC mission. In a policy governance organization such as CAC, the Board sets the ends and the Executive Director sets the means to those ends.

Joshua Sloan

Executive Director  –

Bio coming…

Meet the Board of Directors

The Citizens Assisting Citizens Board of Directors members are listed below. They are charged with the financial, legal and oversight responsibilities.

John Kocurek

Director – Chief Governance Officer (Board Chairman)

I am a native of San Antonio Texas and have two adult sons. I have been involved with businesses from startups to the purchasing of existing companies. I am currently a partner in a diversified investment company.

I was a Founding Father of the Gamma Delta Chapter of Phi Kappa Sigma at Texas A&M University, and later a graduate from the The University of the Incarnate Word with a degree in Business Administration.

I took the opportunity to go directly into the nonprofit business, first as ​a board member then a few months later, as the first Executive Director for Crime Stoppers of San Antonio. After many years I decided to move my interest into the private sector, but I have remained involved in numerous nonprofit boards and committees to further ​improve the City of San Antonio and the surrounding counties of South Texas.

I was raised to appreciate the outdoors as a child and I have never lost my roots. My hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping, shooting skeet and sporting clays, scuba diving, water and snow skiing, studying history, and spending time with my kids teaching them all I can about preserving the outdoors.

I look forward to working with the other members of the board to help Citizens Assisting Citizens expand its growth.

Erin Martin

Director  –

I have more than 30 years of corporate Financial Management experience for companies ranging in revenue from $5M-$500M.  I have worked in the manufacturing, importing, wholesale distribution, truck leasing, not for profit and retail supermarket sectors.

I have a passion for horses, permaculture, self-reliant living and homesteading. CAC’s mission to empower ordinary citizens to assist each other in a time of need resonates with my own personal values and I am looking forward to serving that mission as a member of the CAC Leadership Team.

Virginia Hogan

Director  –



Tom Patterson

Director Emeritus –

Before retiring in 2005 and moving to North Central Arkansas, Tom had over 30 years experience in emergency response working for the Chicago Police Department. For most of his career he was assigned to a city-wide immediate response tactical unit. As he progressed in rank and experience his duties expanded to include developing “in house” and multi-agency response plans for planned and un-planned events, adjusting the response during events and evaluating the response after the event. In the course of his career Tom attended many training seminars and conferences in fields related to emergency response and the logistics involved in response. He was also involved in the development of a peer counseling program for those involved in traumatic incidents.

Tom and his wife were involved in preparing for disasters for a long time. From being the only ones in their neighborhood to have a generator and some food and water “just in case” to having a location for the family to “bug out” to if the need arose.

Tom is widowed and he has two grown children who have families and careers of their own.

Jeff Drake

Long-time Zello user (2012) and member of the Survival Podcast Network channel. Married, 3 kids (one still at home, the others are currently productive members of society who don’t ask for money~! ) Amateur radio operator (NØTNW), own a GMRS repeater (WQTB464), still talk on CB radio occasionally so I don’t forget my roots! Police career is winding down in a couple of years, but I’ll still be looking for work because I’m not old enough to retire. Wife’s name is Christy Drake and very supportive of me joining the Board at CAC, which is really nice. She is a good cook…

John Rosalia


John lives on Long Island, NY and has been a TSP listener since 2009 and regular member on the TSP Zello channel since 2013. He has worked in the specialty finance business, processing payroll and billing for multiple staffing agencies for over 28 years. He enjoys being in the outdoors whether its somewhere in the woods or out on the ocean. He spent 9 years as a volunteer firefighter with Engine Company 3 in Levittown, NY.

After moving out further East and buying his own home, he wanted to get involved more with his community but felt he was past joining the volunteer fire service again. Instead, in 2014, he joined his local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) spending his spare time teaching his  neighbors about emergency preparedness and training for various disaster scenarios alongside other local emergency service agencies. He became the Division Coordinator for his district in 2017 and feels that his experience in CERT will be an asset to CAC. He is proud to be part of CAC  and is looking forward to serving on the board.

Joel Rede


I was first introduced to the CAC through The Survival Podcast and thought it was a brilliant idea: using local people to help locally.  This made a lot of sense to me simply because local “intelligence” meant more accurate material support could be applied, and this means greater efficiency and less wasted dollars.

I am currently involved professionally as an HVAC mechanic and have been for 14 years. This position demands accuracy and care in reporting, excellence in customer service and the ability to juggle many moving pieces.  Previously, I worked in security for about 7 years and continue as a security contractor. This helped me hone my situational awareness and communications skills. I am also a CPR/First Aid Instructor. As a hobby, I am an amatuer Storm Tracker and cartographer.

As I learned more about the teams and the people involved, I volunteered hoping I could find my place. Taking my personal and professional talents into the disaster relief area has been very rewarding. My role as a volunteer has been primarily on the Intel Team, where I, along with a few other continuously monitor the threat of natural disaster in order to help senior CAC Team leaders decide if, when, and where their limited resources may be helpful.

I am proud, through CAC, to actually be helping, not just watching TV and hoping everything turns out okay. With the CAC volunteer teams, we are able to move in to areas that aren’t getting attention and are able to mobilize faster than the “big guys”.  Get in, do as much as we can, and get out of the way. Small but mighty!