Director of Field Operations

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Dave Iem

Dave is in charge of the equipment and personnel selection for teams going into disaster areas. His decades of expertise with working in 3rd world environments makes him uniquely qualified on making sure we are bringing in equipment and supplies that are needed for that affected area. We only bring what we need, and we don’t bring what is not needed. Dave has us dialed in and very productive.



Meet the CAC Regional Coordinators!

These dedicated individuals have been picked to coordinated material support, financial and Volunteer labor in emergency zones. Their work is supported by the Executive Director of the CAC Board of Directors.

What are Regions? These are based on the same Regions used by FEMA


Region I Coordinator: Steven Sadlowski

Steve has been involved in emergency preparedness for over 30 years.  As an avid Amateur Radio Operator, he deployed to several events including missing persons and aircraft searches, a building collapse and several weather events.  He also served as Communications Officer for the Town of Deep River where he updated the comms bay, and was a volunteer fire fighter.

Contact Region I Coordinator:

Steven Sadlowski

(860) 325-0648


Region II Coordinator: Sam Tresler

Sam Tresler is VP of Deployment at a hosting company specializing in containerization and automation of apps and servers. Before stringing bits together on the internet he had a career in technical theater building and installing scenery, lighting, and sound, which is what brought him to New York City (Brooklyn!) in 1999. In both of these careers he has developed a deep understanding of how to coordinate teams to move goods and information in a coherent and organized fashion as well as how to perform in high pressure scenarios.

Sam has had OEM cert training. He spends as much time as possible outdoors either hiking, hunting, or farming in the local community garden. Sam became deeply interested in the idea of a community response organization in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in New York City, where he volunteered with Occupy Sandy to deliver supplies to the Rockaways.

Contact Region II Coordinator:

Sam Tresler

(518) 712-9466


Region III Coordinator: James Whitall  

James has 13 years experience in Emergency Services with extensive experience in operations and technical rescue. He currently works full time as an Emergency Medical Technician for a local municipality in Pennsylvania and also acts as the Assistant Radiological Officer for the town’s Emergency Operations Center and the EMS Division Training Coordinator. He is also employed part time as an adjunct instructor of EMS at the local community college and is an American Heart Assn. CPR/First Aid Instructor. He deployed with his local company in Maryland during Hurricane Irene, assisting with evacuation and response to waterfront communities. He acted as a supervising officer for EMS during that time and assisted in the relief efforts that followed the few days thereafter. He has completed numerous disaster response trainings and is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator at the Technician level.

Contact Region II Coordinator:

James Whitall

(717) 469-5636


Region IV Coordinator:  Dillon A. Allen, PE

Dillon Allen is the Manger of Major Capital Project Development and Project Controls for Energy Nuclear. He hails from Byram, Mississippi and graduated from the Mississippi School for Math & Science in Columbus in 1996. Dillon holds a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University (Starkville, MS) and a masters of science in mechanical engineering (thermal hydraulic focus) from the Naval Postgraduate School. He is currently pursuing his Masters of Business Administration from Mississippi State.

Dillon served the Navy for 10 years before coming home to Entergy. Dillon was assigned to the Navy’s nuclear headquarters in Washington DC where he oversaw the design and construction of the Nation’s latest nuclear attack submarines and the next generation aircraft carrier.

Dillon joined Entergy in 2008 as part of the New Nuclear organization to continue his professional efforts to bring clean and affordable nuclear energy to the Nation. He continued his Naval service in the Reserves where he oversaw shipbuilding at Ingalls in Pascagoula and Avondale in New Orleans.

In early 2009, Dillon joined the Extended Power Uprate program office in Jackson to develop plans for upgrading Entergy plants throughout the Entergy Nuclear fleet. In late 2009, he was activated with the Navy and deployed to Central America where he participated in international counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism efforts. He also worked throughout Central America with international agencies and multinational military forces to improve disaster preparedness including medical response training missions and contingency planning. On his return home, Dillon sharpened his focus to implementation of the Grand Gulf uprate, which made Grand Gulf the single largest nuclear unit in the country. Following the uprate, he began working on the setup of the program management office for Entergy’s response to the 2011 accident at the Japanese Fukushima Dai Ichi nuclear complex. In 2013, he transitioned to management of all major capital projects across Entergy’s nuclear fleet.

Dillon calls Mississippi home and is passionate about the preparedness and well being of his fellow citizens in the Gulf Coast region.

Contact Region IV Coordinator:

Dillon Allen



Region V Coordinator:  David Koss

29 years of experience as a Police Officer, with a little over 23 years of that also as a Firefighter and First Responder.  David is now retired yet works for the owners of the Detroit Tigers & Red Wings as a Supervisor in the Parking Division. David is a married father of two now living in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Contact Region V Coordinator:

David Koss

(248) 291-7738


Region VI Coordinator: Brian Schaffer
Brian is an electrical engineer in the Dallas area. He spent several years designing night vision equipment for first police, fire fighters and the military. His experience is mostly in system design and project management. When he is not at work, he is probably remodeling a house that is in need of serious repair. He is also a budding homesteader and amateur radio operator. His interest in helping in emergencies was spurred by the tornado in Joplin, MO. Since then, he has been a member of the Red Cross disaster response team. His CERT training program will complete in 4Q2015.

Contact Region V Coordinator:

Brian Schaffer

(903) 354-5905


Region VII Coordinator: Larry Prichard

GOD blessed me with the skills to do just about anything that I set my mind to do through-out life. Educated at Tarkio College, with a Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration & Management Information Systems. I’ve had a successful career at AT&T as a lineman, cable splicer, manager for 25 years. Self-employed I’ve taught college level computer courses, safety training and education, technical training telecommunications industry,  computer management systems. Hired by Brooks Fiber as the Construction / Engineering District Manager I managed and directed operations for building 63 fiber optic networks in 44 cities through the USA. Proceeded to Sigma Networks as their director for Engineered / Constructed fiber optic networks for private companies. Finally to Schatz Underground Cable as their Engineering / Construction Fiber Optic Consultant / Business Marketing expert. Finally, I am a retired proud father of two, spoiling four grandchildren enjoying GOD, Family, and Friends!

Contact Region V Coordinator:

Larry Prichard

(636) 388 8651


RegionVIII Coordinator: POSITION IS OPEN Apply Now!


Region IX Coordinator: John Finnan 

John Finnan is an Information Security Manager for a major financial company.

He served in the Army Reserve and National Guard as an officer in the Corps of Engineers. He has completed CERT training in Phoenix in 2012, and is passionate about finding ways to build community and encourage neighbors helping each other.

Contact Region IX Coordinator:

John Finnan

(725) 222-0987


Region X Coordinator: Mark Lipscomb

Mark Lipscomb has 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field managing people, process, and projects.  He currently manages a network operations center for a nationwide Managed IT service provider.  He and his family live on a 5 acre homestead near Portland Oregon where he raises chickens, pigs and a variety of produce.  Mark is developing permaculture systems on the property to feed his family and his community.  Mark served as an Army Combat Engineer in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  He is also a licensed Technician level amateur radio operator.

Contact Region IX Coordinator:

Mark Lipscomb

(503) 389-8806