Our History

Citizens Assisting Citizens was an idea first sparked on The Survival Podcast and his audience in 2012. After a year of planning, it was decided to move forward with an actual 501(c)3 organization. We are now officially a 501(c)3 non-profit!

Our Mission

“Citizens Assisting Citizens mission is to provide ordinary citizens with skills, assistance and logistical support to assist their fellow citizens prior to, and in time of emergency or natural disaster.”

Americans have been providing assistance to each other since the founding of our noble experiment. However, as time has moved on, we find it ever more difficult to provide that assistance directly even as we watch our fellow citizens suffer in the time of their greatest need. The world watched in horror as the victims of Hurricane Sandy dug in garbage seeking food for their children. We, as a nation, cried “How can this be?”, as people evacuated to shelters with deplorable conditions when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. Millions of people wanted to come to their aid but their only option was to send money to large international organization that would not arrive for days. This must change.

Citizens Assisting Citizens will identify, arrange and/or provide training to enable citizens to have the skills necessary to operate safely and effectively in a time of disaster. In other words, what were meant to do from the beginning. We, as volunteers, will be there for our fellow Americans when they need us the most.

Our response will be either opportunistic, benefiting victims not otherwise receiving aid, or coordinated with central incident command, or both. We will choose the mode of response that will make us the most effective in delivering aid and assistance to our fellow citizens.

Citizens Assisting Citizens will also provide education prior to disaster events to help increase our fellow citizens’ level of readiness, thereby averting some of the more preventable aspects of disaster.

America, it is time that we unite as one. All creeds, colors, and religions united by a single purpose to provide for each other the assistance that is needed when it is needed. No more shall our fellow citizens suffer needlessly.