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Eyes open. Feet on the Ground.

Our non-profit Disaster Relief Organization (Tax ID: 46-1941064) consists of volunteers who temporarily come together for the purpose of disaster assistance. Rather than duplicate efforts of other relief organizations, we seek to fill unmet needs directly to victims and to organizations where possible.  Delivering not just aid, but comfort and hope. All proceeds go towards relief supplies and administrative expenses. We have no paid staff, executive or otherwise!

No paid marketing. No paid staff. No BS.

Recent Mission - 2019 Tropical Storm Imelda

Recent Mission - 2018 Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael Volunteer Speaks Up!

Audio clip of a CAC Volunteer’s phone call to Jack Spirko, played on the The Survival Podcast 10/29/18

Listen to the Full Episode HERE


Showing the Best of Humanity

I was very blessed to have been able to serve after Hurricane Laura, with remote and local CAC volunteers. Mickey & Alicia and their son (of DeRidder, LA) were awesome. CAC volunteers are people that are that energetic, giving and caring, they always make me want to redouble my efforts. I also had a great time partnering with other organizations to fulfill CAC’s mission of “citizens assing citizens”. Thanks go out to the University of Southwest Louisiana, First Baptist Church of DeRidder, LA, the American Legion Post 59 of Dexte, MO, VFW Post 2659 of Dexter, MO, Sacred Heart Church, St Pius Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Labby memorial funeral home of Leesville, LA, you and the two nameless guys who spent all day sweating and carrying tarps to help out their fellow man…you guys rock. There are many more people that I’ve missed, but one special shout out to the people over in Iowa, LA who donated a camper trailer, and to the lineman who helped us upright it. We gave it to a young homeless couple with a 9-day-old baby (named Laura); they and their little baby rode out the storm under their mobile home which was destroyed. As a CAC volunteer, I was happy the facilitate the erecting and transport of the camper. Even on their worst day, the camper donor and their neighbors showed the best of humanity! Thank you CAC Team and donors for enabling me to be a part of the Hurricane Laura recovery deployment and for helping hundreds of people with needed supplies. It was memorable.

James M Childers

You guys were fantastic!

You guys were fantastic! Your donations meant a lot, for a lot of people…FEMA has counted 5,448 homes in the county who received water, many of these homes were also flooded during Harvey.
(Tropical Storm Imelda)

Vernon Pierce
Cooperating Organization

Everyone in town was waiting for that help to arrive!

We are so appreciative for organizations like you. What a blessing you were to the community.
(Tropical Storm Imelda)

Cindy Hood
Aid Recipient

It’s like unscheduled mission trips!

Our teenage daughter loves to go on the yearly mission trips with the youth group at church…….helping strangers in need with painting, repairing porches, building handicap ramps, or clearing brush and trash from their properties. The gratitude these poor people show always moves the kids to tears. CAC is like that — only it’s kind of a surprise mission trip, not planned months in advance. We have to deploy relatively quickly with food, water, hygiene kits and cleaning supplies after a natural disaster turns our fellow citizens’ world upside down. I consider it a blessing to be able to serve others, and being associated with the tireless and dedicated volunteers at CAC is an honor.

Jeff Drake
Aid Recipient, Cooperating Organization, Volunteer

I was able to help thanks to CAC!

Working as a volunteer for CAC has been an amazing experience for me. When Hurricane Michael hit so close to us in the Florida Panhandle, I was ready to help. CAC shipped relief supplies to our area and a group of volunteers got together and made food, hygiene and cleaning kits. Our crew made 6 trips to the affected areas and passed out these supplies. By doing this, we met people who needed help in removing trees from their cars and homes. We were also able to provide a team of volunteers with chainsaws and a big will to help. The work was hard but so rewarding and recipients were very thankful. I am proud to be a part of CAC and plan on being part of this awesome group for a long time.
Molly Davis
Freeport, FL

Molly Davis

Renewed my faith in humanity.

I am one of those behind the scenes volunteers who is proud to support CAC and its Volunteers. Every time the CAC Team volunteers shared their stories during Hurricane Florence, my heart swelled. Hundred, maybe even thousands of people  are helped by a couple dozen strangers , the several dozen donors who funded them, and a couple of organizations who were not in it for the fame or glory. There IS hope for America!

Joshua Sloan

Thank you for all you do helping those in need.

I would like to thank CAC for their generous support of Generations United Church Hurricane Michael relief efforts. Due to your generosity with supplies and gas cards we were able to touch the lives of so many in Bay County. Thank you for all you do helping those in need.

Phil Daniels - Lead Pastor
Cooperating Organization

A Valuable Experience!

We’re from Tampa and when Hurricane Michael hit the Panama City/Mexico Beach area, we wanted to help those affected. With no experience or real plan in place, we loaded up our car with what supplies we could think of and decided to make the drive and figure it out on the way. A friend of mine, and an avid TSP listener, recommended I check CAC Team out. It was the best thing that happened for us. Within an hour or two of getting in contact with CAC we went from an aimless, plan-less couple, to one with a plan and a destination. Once in the area we met with other helpers and hurricane victims. We spent the weekend assisting, and the entire time we were in constant communication with a group of the CAC Team providing each other updates, leads, recommendations, etc. It wasn’t until a day or two in that I realized that the people I was in constant contact with were helping from all over the place (U.S. and abroad), not just in the affected area). It was an amazing and eye-opening experience for us. Everyone we spoke with and met with was super friendly and great to work with. I look forward to working with CAC for a long time to come.

JJ Vinas

One of the most profound experiences of my life.

Working with CAC has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. Not only do we help those in desperate need during a disaster, but we empower ordinary people to provide that assistance first hand. I am proud to have been a part of these efforts, albeit remotely, and sharing in the experience of our “boots on the ground” volunteers.

Erin Martin

"Selfless giving in a time of need
exemplifies the greatness of our nation and its people."